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Since1990 Realife Media has been making a life changing impact on young people across America with dynamic multi-media productions. Topics such as drugs and alcohol, life's choices and heartaches, bullying, etc., are presented during school assemblies. Realife Media utilizes the talents of high school students to write, produce, film and act. Realife Media uses multiple screens, short video clips, robotic lighting, haze machines, and special effects tied to a sound track to stimulate exciting real-life drama.

RLM wants the students to have ownership in the assembly. As the students enter the presentations while a fast paced and exciting extreme sports video with a light show is played. Students are involved in a dance contest and they determine who are the best dancers. Presentations dealing with risky behavior are mixed with humorous messages that show the joys in life. Each school assembly ends on a positive note and students leave knowing they can make positive life decisions.


About RLM


1527 S. Rogers St

Bloomington, IN





RLM is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit

based in Indiana